Custom PS3 Controllers

Custom PS3 Controllers

So many things can now be customized to add style and uniqueness to the overall appearance and aura. Some individuals like to customize their car, modify their desktop computers and even have custom PS3 controllers. There are a number of ideas that will help achieve the look you’ve always wanted. The approach is very easy although there are also some places where you can buy ready customized pieces. Decide if you wish to start the project on your own if you prefer to pay someone else to do it. Here are tips.

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Looking for Best Places To Buy Custom PS3 Controllers

There are specialty stores that offer custom PS3 controllers. Some of the designs and layouts are already prepared by some places, while there are also sections wherein the customer can choose and select from different items and styles to include in the overall design. Most of these places also sell the actual PS3 or PlayStation 3 unit, together with other accessories. There are customization shops and private entrepreneurs and artists who can make the specific design according to the instructions and imagination of the customer. People can choose from different themes, icons and types. The internet is also a very good and rich place to have the controller customized. There are several websites that feature a variety of designs. They can ship the actual controller or send the stickers to be applied by the owner personally.

Design Ideas for the Custom PS3 Controllers

There are so many designs to choose from for custom PS3 controllers. Some individuals can go for themes of their favorite games and game characters. This is the most common approach to designing PS3 controllers. Choose a certain color and pattern then apply these to the entire pad. Other designs include cartoon characters, images of famous people, printing pictures of celebrities, animals, landscapes and patterns, preferred brands, racing cars, sports and virtually anything that comes to their mind. There are plain and highly sophisticated designs. Some people even customize the controller so that the casing is made of transparent or translucent plastic material. There are so many concepts available, so feel free to visit different websites and forums to see these individually.

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Some Advantages

Changing into a custom PS3 controller can also render other benefits aside from a great and attractive design. Some of the features that can be expected include the anti-fade and anti-smudge properties. The controller is resistant to UV light or ultraviolet rays, there are no residues when taken out, it’s waterproof, the pad has a warranty that lasts 12 to 24 months and it is fully compatible with other PS3 accessories. The skins can also be replaced after some time. Some people like to change the skin every few months or so.

Other Modifications

Custom PS3 controllers can also be altered in other ways, aside from the skin. Some people like to change the buttons and joysticks so that the overall design blends in better. There are complimentary features that will make the design truly stand out. Some of the modifications can include the camouflage effect, the crystal controller design and the molten lava design. The color of the LED light will greatly influence the theme and look of the controller.

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When you think of following a certain look or theme for the controller, it’s important to consider the different colors, tones and textures to get the aspired effect. There are different rules to follow. The buttons can be changed into gold, crystal, silver, etc. The inserts can also be altered together with the d-pad. The thumbsticks and LED ring light can be customized depending on the particular character or mode. Some people like to make versions of their favorite movie or cartoon characters. Carefully incorporate the different elements and colors to achieve the total effect.

Things to Expect

There are so many designs to choose from. People can expect to pay around $10 to $40 only, depending on the design and materials used. Special changes like crystal designs that require the changing of the actual pad will be pricier. The lights also have to be chosen carefully. Modifying custom PS3 controllers is generally inexpensive and easy. The skins are generally cheap and can be bought at different places. Know some people who frequently alter their materials then try doing the changes on your own.

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